Where To Buy The New Brand Air Jordan 1 Zoom CMFT Canyon Rust ?

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Where To Buy The New Brand Air Jordan 1 Zoom CMFT Canyon Rust ?

Although Nike D/MS/X waffles do not often become the focus of attention, 2021 Sneakers continues to provide fashionable and future products in the technology grid. This time, the model chose a more robust aesthetic and even ventured into sustainability through material exchange and patterned midsole coverage. The upper is entirely made of canvas, the forefoot is dark gray, and the other parts are light gray. Neon green is used for the side Swoosh logo and heel label to make the upper in these shades vibrant. Similar to another D/MS/X waffle that appeared a few days ago, the usual solid midsole cladding now uses a gray marble design, further strengthening the experimental theme of this model. The traditional black waffle outsole, from the 1977 OG waffle race car has abandoned the spotted recycled rubber Nike's innovative material composed of recycled materials.

In the past few years, Nike has become more and more adaptable to adjust their icons. For example, New Nike Air Force 1 has seen a replica of paint splash, traditional Sashiko stitching, and even some torn uppers. Same as the latter, this upcoming design completely covers the upper of the model on the box tissue. In addition to the overall unboxing experience, the design effectively doubles the favorite things of a sneaker culture. The paper mentioned above, whose printed spelling "AF1" is permanent, is very loosely attached to the shell below. Along the side profile, it seems that there is only a set of lightweight stitches connecting the package to the leather behind, making it easier to tear off as you see fit. Once you do this, you will find a low-key color scheme, one full of white-toned leather and a heavily aged midsole.

The Air Jordan 1 Zoom CMFT Canyon Rust debuted in early November 2020 and will begin retail sales on February 22 (Monday). The upcoming couple, mixed with faded pink, red and brown, quickly won a lot of attention for the experimental Jordan 1 model. In fact, shortly after the appearance of a low-top version of the silhouette, it also praised sneaker lovers everywhere for its different but sensual palette. The side Swoosh logo and cladding are just above it, obsessed with semi-deconstructed style, putting comfort (hence the "CMFT" in the design name) first; as the brand on the tongue label points out, the latest Air Jordan is proud of its Zoom Air cushioning system, modernizing Peter Moore's 36-year-old design. Unlike the shoe upper, the shoe sole chooses a "sail" tone makeup instead of the nominal "canyon rust" tone or any soft counterpart.